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Recognized Neighborhood Leaders Forum

This online forum provides leaders with another avenue to ask questions and exchange beneficial information.  Neighborhood groups throughout the city experience many of the same problems relating...


Past Projects

Public Comment - 2020-2021 Consolidated Action Plan

 Public encouraged to provide comments and input for the 2020 -2025 Consolidated Plan & the 2020-2021 Consolidated Action PlanThe City of Concord is accepting comments for the 2020-2021 Consolidated...

CDO Rewrite: Conservation Subdivision

We welcome your comments on the Concord Development Ordinance (CDO) Conservation Subdivision updates. There will be opportunities for public input on the ordinance draft as it works through the approval...

Preservation Plan General Survey

Thank you for participating in this Preservation Plan Survey. The purpose of this survey is to align preservation strategies with neighborhoods across the city. Your participation will assist in the prioritization...


Dorton Park Master Plan

Community Invited to provide input at April 8 Community Workshop. The City of Concord is working to develop a Master Plan for Dorton Park.  The Master Plan will outline improvements to the park including...