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The project logo George W. Liles Pkwy Small Area Plan

The project logo George W. Liles Pkwy Small Area Plan

Survey closed on June 5th. Thanks for everyone who participated!

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Small Area Plans guide future decisions on land use, zoning, transportation, open space, and other capital improvements.  They also identify opportunities for commercial revitalization, economic development, and mixed-use development.

Members of the community in Concord play a key role in developing these types of plans. By participating in the planning process, citizens can channel neighborhood insights and other suggestions to city planners who can incorporate those ideas into small area plans. The community typically participates in this type of process through public meetings and surveys.

A 2005 small area plan for Concord Parkway/Roberta Church Road identified a land use pattern for 780 acres of largely undeveloped land. It recommended the alignment used to construct the George W. Liles Parkway extension, particularly the interchange with Concord Parkway S (US 29). This plan also reserved locations for key civic facilities; envisioned the Coddle Creek greenway; identified major activity centers; recommended urban, pedestrian friendly development; and promoted new zoning districts and design standards to ensure attractive and sustainable future development.

Much has changed in this area since 2005, but the 780 acres of land off George W. Liles Parkway remains mostly undeveloped. The City of Concord now invites the community to develop today's vision for this area. Planning staff are working on an update to this small area plan, with expanded boundaries stretching west to Coddle Creek and east to George W. Liles Parkway/Stough Road. The plan will focus on two distinctive areas:

Area A: Largely comprised of undeveloped land located in the Central Concord District per the 2030 Land Use Plan. Closely matches the 2005 Small Area Plan boundaries.

Area B: Mostly residential with some small scale industrial and undeveloped land near Hwy 49.


We want to hear from you!

To kick off the planning process, you're invited to join a virtual community meeting and complete a community input survey. The results will help establish a unified vision for future development along George W. Liles Parkway. 


Please note the following dates:

  • Virtual community meeting: May 11th at 6:00 P.M.**
  • Community input survey: Open May 11th to June 5th.

**If you were unable to attend the webinar a recording is provided below.

For additional information about this process please contact Kaylee Caton at 704.920.5151 or

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