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The project logo Recognized Neighborhood Leaders Forum

The project logo Recognized Neighborhood Leaders Forum

This online forum provides leaders with another avenue to ask questions and exchange beneficial information. 

Neighborhood groups throughout the city experience many of the same problems relating to board management, neighbor relations, communication, maintenance of community amenities such as pools and tennis courts, reserve fund development, common area repairs and maintenance, collection of dues/fines, and a host of other issues that are unique to these types of neighborhood organizations.

If you currently serve as a board member of a recognized neighborhood organization or a leader in any neighborhood or homeowner’s association in the City of Concord, please register and join the online discussion. As you provide answers to questions and provide insight on topics, the forum will become a knowledge base of information to help inform the work of neighborhood leaders across the City. 

Registration will provide neighborhood leaders with access to connect and engage in discussions on best practices related to neighborhood organization administration as well as context or info on how to deal with common issues. Working together we can leverage the collective experiences and expertise of leaders throughout our community to assist each other in developing solutions to challenges impacting neighbors in the City of Concord.


Stay within the scope of this forum: provide relevant information that is focused on neighborhood organization administration and management topics. Comments should provide answers to the questions posed. 

Be respectful. The City of Concord has a variety of vibrant neighborhoods both traditional organized by volunteer neighborhood association and other newer subdivisions organized by mandatory homeowner’s associations. These communities are diverse in terms of race, class, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, political beliefs, age, etc. Consider how your post might sound to someone with a different opinion than your own, and err on the side of politeness. Feel free to share your opinion, just do so in a way that is respectful to all.


Please share information here about any plans or considerations that your neighborhood organization is considering or has in place to move towards opening community amenities like pools, clubhouses, etc.?